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In line booster pump, inline single stage pump, TD heat pump for boiler system

Short Description:

TD pumps are single-stage in-line circulation pumps, equipped with standard motor and mechanical seal. Comparing with other pumps in similar structure, these pumps are less accessible to the impurity in the liquid.

TD pumps are designed to be pulled out from the top when disassemble. It can be repaired without affecting the pipeline.

The mechanical seal for TD200 and above is cartridge mechanical seal. Motor needn’t to be disassembled when replace mechanical seal.


Working conditions

This product is applied for thin, clean, non-flammable, non-explosive, solid free, fiber free, physically and chemically water-like liquid. The performance curved will descend and energy consumption ill be increased if the liquid viscosity or density is beyond the required level.

Max working pressure: 12 bar for normal type, 16 bar for special type

Liquid temperature: -15C to 110℃ Ambient temperature: up to 40°C Altitude: up to 1000m

Rotation direction: clockwise (looking down from motor fan)



Water treatment ultrafiltration system

RO system

Boosting system

High pressure washing system Water supply


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