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Improving Efficiency and Reliability Using Stainless Steel Horizontal In-Line Pumps

ISG series single-stage single-suction vertical in-line centrifugal pumps are versatile and efficient solutions for a variety of industrial and urban applications. This stainless steel horizontal in-line pump features a vertical structure and streamlined design with great advantages of enhanced performance, durability and easy maintenance.


Good airtightness: The pump is powered by a mechanically sealed shaft, and its carbide and silicon carbide construction ensures minimal wear. Strict air tightness test ensures zero air leakage from inlet to outlet.

Large flow: wide flow range, from 0.3m3/min to 90m3/min, easily meet different needs.

Long service life: The air circuit is separated from the electrical components to ensure a long service life of the pump. Its performance is not affected by moisture in the gas, thus ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Easy Maintenance: This stainless steel horizontal in-line pump is compact, stylish and designed for hassle-free maintenance. The motor and transmission components can be repaired and maintained with simple tools and accessories without dismantling the entire pipeline.

Product parameters:

- Flow rate: 1.5~1200m3/h
- Lift: 5~150m
- Calibration value: 15~500mm
- Working pressure: 1.6MPa or lower
- Temperature: conveying medium -20~120℃

Scope of application:

Industrial and urban water supply and drainage: This pipeline pump is ideal for industrial and urban environments, ensuring efficient water supply and drainage systems.

Cold and hot water circulation heating: The pump has a solid design and reliable performance, which is very suitable for the circulation of cold and hot water in the heating system, ensuring the best temperature control.

High-rise building water supply: It is seamless to use this pipeline pump to deliver pressurized water to high-rise buildings. Its powerful performance ensures consistent water pressure at all levels, maintaining convenience and comfort.

Garden Sprinkler Irrigation: The pump is able to provide enough water pressure for the garden sprinkler system to make your green space flourish. Your plants and lawn will thrive with consistent and precise irrigation.

Fire pressurized remote water supply: safety is the top priority, this pipeline pump can provide the pressure required by the fire extinguishing system. In addition, the features of this pump ensure efficient water supply over long distances for various industrial needs.

in conclusion:

Stainless steel horizontal in-line pumps provide reliable, efficient solutions for a wide range of applications. Its excellent characteristics such as good airtightness, large flow rate and convenient maintenance make it a multi-functional choice in industrial, urban and other fields. Improve system efficiency and reliability by choosing a stainless steel horizontal in-line pump for your next project.


Post time: Jun-19-2023