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Cast iron horizontal pipeline pump

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ISG series single-stage single-suction vertical pipeline centrifugal pump IS02858 is reference to the international standard and national standard JB/T6878.2-93 the performance parameters and stipulated in the production of high-performance products, can transport water and chemical properties of similar water other liquid. According to different use, such as temperature, medium at the same time, on the basis of ISG vertical centrifugal pump to derive the heat pump hot water apply, corrosive chemical pump, suitable for flammable and explosive areas of oil pump, etc. Series of products.It is widely used in air conditioning system, water circulation system, building water supply and drainage system and various water delivery places. It is mainly used to pump clean water and liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to water. Compared with other types of centrifugal pumps, it has the following main characteristics.

Product features

1.Compact structure, small volume, beautiful appearance, it is vertical structure decided to small occupation space for installation.

2,.Easy installation, into and out of the same caliber, and in the same centerline.

3.Smooth running, low noise, high components concentricity.

4.Reliable sealing, no leakage, shaft seal use the of wear-resisting material such as carbide and silicon carbide mechanical seal.

5.Convenient maintenance, no need to remove the pipe, as long as you remove the pump cover nut, remove the motor and transmission components can be performed to repair maintenance.

Part analysis

1. Motor: the main component that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
2. Pump base: It is the main body of the pump and plays a supporting and fixing role.
3. Impeller: the core part of centrifugal pump. It has high speed and high output. The blades on the impeller play a major role. The impeller must pass the static balance test before assembly. The inner and outer surfaces of the impeller shall be smooth to reduce the friction loss of water flow.

Product parameters

Traffic: 1.5 ~ 1200 m3 / h
Head: 5 ~ 150 m
CAL: 15 ~ 500 mm
Working pressure: 1.6 MPa or less
Temperature: medium to be delivered - 20 ~ 120 ℃

Scope of application

Applicable to industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply in high-rise building, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire pressurization, distant distance water supply, cold and hot water circulation pressurization in heating, bathrooms and other equipment.


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