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Stainless steel vertical pipeline pump

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ISG series stainless steel single-stage single suction vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, its standard IS02858 refers to the performance parameters of the pump during operation and high-performance products in production specified in international standards and national standards JB/T6888.2-93. ISG can transport various media under different conditions. In the actual use scenario, according to different use methods, such as temperature and medium, on the basis of ISG vertical centrifugal pump, a series of products such as heat pump hot water application, corrosive chemical pump, oil pump suitable for flammable and explosive areas will be exported.

Product features

1. Its vertical structure determines small installation space, compact structure, small volume and beautiful appearance.
2. The water inlet and outlet are of the same caliber and on the same centerline, which is easy to install.
3. When the pump is running, the concentricity of components is high and stable, and the noise is low.
4. The mechanical seal is made of wear-resistant materials such as silicon carbide to silicon carbide, with reliable sealing and no leakage. The shaft seal is made of cemented carbide.
5. It is convenient for maintenance. It is not necessary to remove the pipe. Just remove the pump cover nut and the motor and transmission components for maintenance.

Product parameters

Traffic volume: 1.5~1200m3/h
Lift: 5~150m
Calibration value: 15~500 mm
Working pressure: 1.6MPa or lower
Temperature: transmission medium - 20 ~ 120 ℃

Scope of application

It is applicable to cold and hot water circulating pressurization of industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply for high-rise buildings, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire fighting pressurization, remote water supply, heating, bathroom and other equipment.


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