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Stainless steel pneumatic diaphragm pump

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Air operated double diaphragm pumps has the advantages of most pumps, such as self-priming pump, submersible pump, canned motor pump, mud pump and impurity pump. Conventional liquid and various media that are not easy to flow can be transported.

1. Shut down the switch without flowing water, the suction head reaches 7m, the delivery head reaches 70m, and the outlet pressure is ≥ 6kgf/cm2

2. The maximum diameter of particles in the medium allowed in the pump flow passage can reach 10mm, so when discharging the slurry and impurities, the damage to the pump is very small, and the flow is large and the performance is good.

3. The conveying lift and flow can be adjusted steplessly through the open pneumatic valve (the pneumatic pressure is adjusted between 1-7 kgf/cm2)

4. The pump has no rotating parts and bearing seals. The diaphragm completely separates the discharged medium from the pump operating parts and working medium. The conveyed medium will not leak to the outside. When toxins and flammable or corrosive media are discharged, they will not cause environmental pollution and human safety hazards.

5. It is safe and reliable to use in flammable and other sensitive conditions and exploration sites.

6. The pump can be completely immersed in the medium without affecting its use.

7. The pump is easy to use and reliable. To start or stop, just open or close the gas valve body. Even if there is no medium operation or sudden stop for a long time due to accident, it also has self-protection function. When the load recovers normally, it can also be started automatically

8. Single structure, not easy to damage, convenient for maintenance and installation. The medium delivered by the pump will not contact the matching pneumatic valve and connecting rod.

9. The pump does not need oil for lubrication, even if the lack of medium causes idling, there is no damage to the pump.

Main usage

The pump can suck the peanut, pickles, tomato slurry, red sausage, chocolate. hops and syrup, various strong acid, alkali and corrosive liquid ect.


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