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Smart vertical multistage mute pump XDMM

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Product Description

Intelligent silent pump XDMM, segmented module design, compact product structure, easy installation and maintenance; the pump is sealed in the pipe and equipped with submersible, motor, low operating noise, and has unique advantages in building pressurized water supply. The product can be equipped with a special frequency converter for the water pump to realize the frequency conversion control of the water pump. In order to ensure the operation of the equipment, the equipment has built-in multiple protections such as dry running, phase loss, overheating and overcurrent.

Product Specifications

Power: Three-phase 380 volts
Flow: 4-60m3/h
Head: 11-151m
Number of revolutions: 2850r/min
Medium temperature: water temperature up to 35 ℃
Medium quality large particle diameter ≤ 0.2mm


1. Low noise
Equipped with silent submersible pump + silent submersible pump motor/shielded motor.
The original matching shroud can effectively absorb noise.

2. Smart
The special frequency conversion of the water pump has the functions of control and frequency conversion, and communication between multiple frequency converters can be realized.
It has protection functions such as repeated start and stop, phase loss, overcurrent, and idling.
The inverter has one-button adjustment of pressure and various parameters, which can be operated without professionals.

3. Energy saving
The efficiency of the water pump is higher than the national standard, and the product is more energy-saving.

4. Safe and convenient
Complete protection
The overflow parts are made of sanitary stainless steel to avoid secondary pollution;
Segmented modular structure, easy to repair and maintain.

Basic working principle

The intelligent silent pump is to assemble the submersible pump and the silent submersible motor in the pipeline, and fix it in the pipeline through a specific method to ensure that there will be no vibration during operation. The interior of the submersible motor is filled with landlord liquid to lubricate the bearings; the exterior is water-cooled, and after accurate calculation, it is ensured that the water flow inside the pipeline meets the requirements of cooling the motor and increases the service life of the submersible motor.

The principle of silent operation

On the basis of ordinary submersible pumps, our company has carried out many experiments and improvements on the mechanism and material of its key components, so that the noise can be further controlled. The improvement ensures the smooth operation of the motor and greatly reduces the noise; the middle of the motor and the cylinder is filled with liquid, which also plays a role in reducing noise; the structure of the whole machine is optimized, and the product is significantly improved in shock resistance and noise reduction.


Secondary pressurization of buildings
Renovation of pump house in old community
Design of water supply pump house on refuge floor or relay water supply floor of high-rise residential building
Occasions where there are strict requirements on the noise of the pump room.

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