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XBD-L Vertical fire-fight pump set-CDL

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CDL/CDL (F) is a non self priming vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump with standard motor installed. The motor shaft is directly connected to the pump shaft through the pump head with a coupling. The pressure cylinder and flow passage parts are fixed between the pump head and the water inlet and outlet sections by pull rod bolts, and the pump inlet and outlet are on the same line at the pump bottom; The pump can be equipped with intelligent protector as required to effectively protect dry running, phase loss, overload, etc. of the pump.


Vertical structure, with inlet and outlet flanges on the same centerline, compact structure, small floor area and convenient installation.
Cartridge mechanical seal is adopted to make installation and maintenance more safe and convenient, and ensure the reliability of the seal.

CDL (F) type flow passage components are made of stainless steel (CDL type main flow passage components are made of stainless steel), which will not pollute the medium and ensure long service life and beautiful appearance.

The motor shaft is directly connected with the pump shaft through the coupling, with high connection accuracy.
Low noise and vibration.
Standardized design is adopted, with good universality.

Conveying medium

Transmission medium temperature: - 15 ℃~+70 ℃ - common type
-15 ℃~+70 ℃ - common type
Conveying thin, clean, nonflammable and explosive media without solid particles or fibers
CDL (F) - can transport slightly corrosive medium
CDL -- transportable non corrosive medium

Scope of application

Water supply: water plant transportation, high-rise building pressurization system
Industrial liquid transportation: air conditioning system, boiler water supply, machine tool matching, etc
Water treatment: reverse osmosis system, water treatment system of swimming pool, etc
Irrigation: farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation


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