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Double suction pump

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XBD type horizontal single stage double suction fire pump is the company strictly in accordance with the national standard GB6245-2006 "fire pump" technical requirements for the development of a fire fighting equipment, can be matched with motor or diesel engine. Because with the diesel engine power pump group is not restricted by the power supply, can better to provide security for the fire emergency. Diesel engine speed regulation function at the same time, makes the equipment the purpose and performance is more extensive, pressure, flow rate adjustable can further improve. With the continuous development of industrial automation, the company also is equipped with the self-developed automatic control system, all electrical appliances at home and abroad to adopt famous brand components, make the pump set of usability, security has the possibility.

Product features

1.Has perfect three functions: manual starting, automatic starting and automatically exit the starting state, emergency manual starting function directly.

2.Automatic operation: when the pump unit, after receiving effective fire signal if the fire pump motor power supply system power or lack of phase or the electric pump failure can't normal starting, diesel engine fire pump group will automatically start running, returned to normal once the power supply system or electric pump can run normally, can automatically switch to electricity.

3.Automatic stop when fire signal disappears, diesel engine fire pump will be the delay stop.

4.Since the battery charging voltage stabilizing function: automatic charging battery charged mains available for diesel engine motor, guarantee the smooth starting of the unit.

5.Has a perfect cannot point system: ready to start, manual starting, automatic starting, unit operation, the machine stop, battery charging, supercharger, overspeed, diesel engine lube oil pressure is too low oil pressure is too low, diesel engine lubricating oil, the oil temperature is too low, diesel engine cooling water temperature is too high, the battery voltage is too low, fuel oil level is too low (or lack of), diesel engine cooling water temperature is too low preheating, regular inspection.

6.Has a perfect alarm or protection system: three times starting failure reported to the police or protection, overspeed alarm or protection, low lubricating oil pressure alarm protection, supercharger low oil pressure alarm or protection, cooling water high temperature alarm or protection, lube oil temperature is too low alarm or protection, automatic charging device so the disabled alarm, low battery voltage alarm, high battery voltage alarm, low oil oil level alarm and protection.

7.The display system with perfect: diesel engine lubricating oil pressure, rotating speed of diesel oil machine, battery charging current and battery voltage.

8.Straight association-like: diesel engine and pump direct coupling, to adopt the public channel steel base, compact structure, good overall performance, less faults, small vibration, site construction convenient installation.

Product parameters

Traffic: 20 ~ 500 l/S

Head: 10 ~ 180 m

CAL: 50 ~ 500 mm


Used for pressurized water supply in fire control system, also can be used in steel mills, water supply and drainage in mines.

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