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5QJ BOREHOLE PUMP for 5 inch

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Submersible Pump

Stainless steel multi-stage deep well submersible electric pump, applicable to the circulation and pressurization of clean water and softened water. This series is made of stainless steel and connected with copper pump head. It has good corrosion resistance when delivering cold water containing a small amount of chloride; At the same time, it is equipped with a ceramic sand resistant structure, which is sand resistant and wear-resistant, and has a longer service life. In addition, this series has the characteristics of small size, high lift, low voltage operation, etc., which is mainly used for domestic water.In terms of the medium used, submersible pumps can be generally divided into three categories: clean water submersible pumps, sewage submersible pumps, and seawater submersible pumps (corrosive).

Series Features

Sand resistant and wear-resistant, long service life
Ceramic anti sand
Engineering plastic impeller
Levitation design
Anti corrosion and rust resistance
Copper pump head, copper connection
High efficiency and energy saving, small size
Small diameter, full head design
Submersible depth: 100m
Low voltage operational
Full voltage design

150V voltage can operate


1. The motor and water pump are integrated and isolated from the liquid, which is convenient for underwater use.
2. There are no special requirements for well pipe and riser (that is, steel pipe well, ash pipe well, earth well, etc. can be used; if the pressure allows, steel pipe, rubber pipe, plastic pipe, etc. can be used as riser).
3. Easy to use and install, low learning cost, easy to repair in case of failure, and small floor area.
4. The result is simple and saves raw materials. Improve the utilization rate of raw materials and the competitiveness of products.


For water supply from wells or reservoirs.
For domestic use for civil and industrial applications .
For garden use and irrigation.
OPerating conditions
Maximum fluid temperature up to +35℃.
Maximum sand content:1%.
Maximum immersion:120m.
Minimum well diameter:5".


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