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3.5QJ BOREHOLE PUMP for 3.5 inch

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3.5QJ 2 Strong Anti-sand Series


For water supply from wells or reservoirs.
For domestic use for civil and industrial applications.
For garden use and irrigation.

OPerating conditions

Maximum fluid temperature up to +35℃.
Maximum sand content:3%.
Maximum immersion:120m.
Minimum well diameter:3.5".
Motor and pump
Rewindable motor
Three-phase: 350V-415V/50Hz
Single-phase: 150V-240V/50Hz
Equip with start-up control box.

Internal diameter of outlet

1.25", 1.5" 2"


(1) First, install a section of pump pipe at the pump outlet, clamp it with a splint, lift it into the well, and make the splint sit on the well platform.

(2) Then use a pair of splints to clamp another section of water delivery pipe. Then lift, lower and connect with the connecting pipe flange and rubber pad. When screwing in the screws, the diagonal must be carried out at the same time. Lift the lifting chain and remove the first pair of splints, so that the pump pipe lowering splint falls on the well platform again. Install and run down the well in sequence until all are installed, put on the well cover, and place the last pair of splints on the well cover without dismantling.

(3) Install elbows, gate valves, water outlets, etc., and add corresponding rubber gaskets for sealing.

(4) The cable shall be fixed in the groove on the flange of the water transmission pipe, and each section shall be fixed with rope. Be careful not to damage the cable during the well.

(5) In case of jamming during pump lowering, try to overcome the jamming point, and do not force the pump down to avoid jamming.

(6) During installation, personnel are strictly prohibited to work in the well.

(7) The protection switch and starting equipment shall be installed behind the user's distribution board, which is equipped with voltmeter, ammeter and indicator light, and shall be placed in a proper position in the well room.

(8) The forced protective measures of "binding from the motor base to the pump pipe with iron wire" are adopted to prevent accidents.


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