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Constant pressure water pump systems

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The inverter constant pressure water supply system is a more efficient, energy saving solution than traditional way, it is able to saving energy more than 50%.According to performance of head and pipe resistance in specific speed, and the relationship between motor speed and motor frequency, VDF can realize constant pressure water supply. This paper introduces a constant pressure water supply system in which uses ABB's ACS510 both as drive and controller. Practical operation shows, the designed system realized tracking to set pressure value, error within permitted. Thinking working 8000 hours one year, the system can reduce 54.4% energy consumption than valve throttling way.

Variable frequency technology has allowed us to vastly improve your home water system by virtually eliminating pressure fluctuations. constant pressure systems use this technology to provide a never-ending supply of constant pressure for your home, allowing your water to do more for you.

Main features High

quality intelligent computer control Special purpose, self-developed varied functions, precise control of sophisticated level, world leading standard Energy-saving System .The system is able to adjust the rotational speed and numbers of set of the pump in accordance with required water consumption volume, saving electric energy more than 30%(Keep Constant Pressure In case of rapid change of water consumption volume, the outlet pressure can keep stable to provide the consumer with comfortable water supply environment Made of High Grade Material Water pump, main pipelines and accessories are made of stainless steel to provide clean water quality Customer-centered Product Design Standardized design may guarantee timely delivery LCD Menu of Chinese, English, Korean version facilitates consumer s use .

Operating Environment

Control Mode Frequency Conversion Installation Site Indoor Temperature Environment+ 5C- + 40CConveying Liquid Liquid Temperature0-70CExtreme Service Pressure( Suction Pressure + Lift of Pump 20k % / C Mat Shut point )Minimum Suction Pressure0 . 2kg / CM Allow able Suction Pressure Restricted by maximum use pressure Pump Vertical / Horizontal Muliple Centrifugal Pump Combined Sets of Water Pump 2-6setsPower Supply3-phase X 220 / 380VX 50HZSuction Pipe / Output Pipe Stainless Steel Pipe.


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