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Intelligent horizontal multistage pump CHDF

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The CHDF integrated intelligent variable frequency pump is a new generation of pressurized water supply equipment that is highly integrated with the frequency conversion controller, water pump, pressure tank, etc. newly developed by the company. It has a beautiful appearance and has reached the international advanced level. It has the ability of artificial intelligence and can automatically adjust to meet the needs of users for constant pressure variable frequency water supply, so that the pressure of the water supply pipe network remains constant, and the whole system always maintains the best level of efficiency and energy conservation.


1.Solve the low pressure problem: Use the constant pressure, frequency conversion water supply system to keep the pressure stable of the whole building.
2.To avoid the pollution of the tank on the top of the roof. It takes place the traditional roof tank water supply way, erase the source of water pollution.

Main application

Residential water supply: High building, residential area, villa, etc.
Public places: Hospital, university, gymnasium, golf course, airport, etc.
Commercial building: Hotel, office building, department store, large-scale sauna center.
Irrigation: Park, playing round, garden, farm, etc.
Manufacturing industry: Manufacturing, lavation equipment, food industry, factory, etc.

Working Condition

Convey liquid: cold, warm, clean, non-flammable, non-explosive liquid, not consisted of solid grain or fiber.
Medium temperature: Normal temperature type -15°C~+70°C; Hot water type + 70°C~+ 120°C;
Ambient environment: No drop, vapor, no floating dust or metal grain. No sunshine, hot temperature, heavy dust. No corrosive, non-flammable gas or liquid.
The equipment should be placed in no vibration place and in the place where it is easy to check.
Ambient temperature: Max +45 º C, ventilated


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